I have no idea what happened to me yesterday. I didn’t feel well, but I didn’t feel like I was dying or anything either — hmm, I wonder if I ate some gluten recently without realizing? Because around 11AM, I just gave up on the day. I had so many things I wanted to do — yoga, a writer’s group meeting that I’d been planning to go to for weeks, words to write, kitchen to clean… and instead I went back to bed. I didn’t swim or even sit outside, the dogs didn’t get their second walk, I didn’t even think about NaNo. I just read and played Sudoku and napped and then did the same thing all over again.

I want to have had a migraine or something — some excuse for failing the day. But I didn’t.

Today I still feel crappy. Not sick, or not dramatically sick, but not well and definitely not motivated. Energy level: 2. I could get out of bed if I had to and obviously, I am succeeding in writing my blog post, but the dogs haven’t even gotten their first walk today and I would pull the covers over my head if I could. I suspect I will eventually, but first, I am going to at least stare at my Word file for a little while.

On Tuesday, I really wanted a sandwich and I didn’t have one, damn it. If I’m going to have a gluten reaction, I wish I’d at least gotten to enjoy the gluten.