Yesterday’s writing flailed.

Well, I guess I flailed. The writing, it more sputtered and trickled and crept.

Until about 1 AM, I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. It’s that Noah is getting hit with all sorts of revelations that would be mind-blowing and I need to discover what he’s like when his mind is getting blown. Poor Noah’s been a bit of a volatile character — what’s he like when he doesn’t think he’s going crazy? The fact that I’m not quite sure seriously stalled my writing. Word count made it to 766, I think, but didn’t come anywhere close to the 2K I was hoping for.

I did, however, swim and enjoy the sunshine, so hey, that’s something. I know I keep writing this, but November 7th is definitely the latest I have ever been pleasantly swimming. This is a very weird weather year. Whenever someone comments on it around here, it’s with a wish for winter to get here, but I’m still enjoying summer, so I don’t mind.

In other news… nope, I got nothing. Yesterday was a quiet, frustrating day. I’m expecting today to be equally quiet, hopefully less frustrating. My goal for today is words, of course, but I’m also going to try to be productive around the house — clean sheets, laundry, vacuuming — so at least if I get to the end of the day and my word count is abysmal, I’ll be able to look around and see that I accomplished something. Eliminating dust bunnies is not nearly as satisfying as spawning plot bunnies, but it’s better than nothing!