Yesterday’s writing was… well, abysmal. Lots of ideas, but I couldn’t put them into any kind of coherent order and I kept going off into weird sidetracks and getting stuck. Imagine being lost in the woods, where every path circles back to the same clearing where you started. Yep, that was my writing yesterday. Seriously, seriously annoying. But I went to evening yoga and it was great. I think evening yoga is just a little bit harder than daytime yoga, and apparently I’m at the place where that feels good. When I got home, I tried to make some order out of the words that I’d written including ruthlessly deleting all the ones that I truly hated. It’s a bad NaNo strategy but it felt great.

I had some shred of story thought in the middle of the night, something about why I’m going wrong, but I can’t quite grab it now. I think it had something to do with kayaking. Like I’m getting caught in the weeds, and I need to remember to steer toward the current? In the middle of the night, it felt profound and revelatory but then I went back to sleep.

I like what I’ve grasped of it, though. Today I’m going to try to steer toward the current. Aiming for 2K words to make up for yesterday’s lack. It can be done!