One of the interesting (and fun) aspects of participating in an anthology is working on marketing efforts with my fellow authors. I’m very much a skeptic about most marketing endeavors but for this project, I decided to adopt the “give it your all” attitude and go along with every idea suggested. And there have been lots of ideas!

One of them, though, was that we all try to guest post at three different blogs. Eep. I cannot (really, truly, absolutely cannot) invite myself to write at someone else’s blog. As I said in a comment on my last post, I don’t know how to invite myself to other people’s blogs, anymore than I could invite myself to someone’s house for the weekend. I’m just not sociable that way. Happy to write, yes, but asking to show up on someone’s blog feels like asking to add lines to their poem or something.

That said, if you are reading and you have a blog and you like it when people add lines to your poem — metaphorically, obviously, I’m not really a poet — well, yeah… I’m inviting invitations and would love to come chat with you/to your readers. 🙂