It would be very long and tedious if I tried to thank every reviewer — plus there would be a lot of “Amazon customer” in the list — but I want to say thank you, anyway. Ghosts hit a milestone this morning. Five hundred reviews. For some reason, it makes me want to cry, but I’m going to take myself out to sushi tonight instead.

Maybe the crying is just thinking back to three years ago, to where I was when I posted it on Amazon? Oh, no, I got it. It’s about missing my mom. Because it feels like bragging to post something like this online (although obviously, I’m doing it anyway) or actually, even tell anyone in real life, but it wouldn’t have felt like bragging to tell my mom. Or it would have, but she wouldn’t have cared, and she would have been happy for me. I would have called her right away.

I suspect German has a word for the sensation of something lovely that makes you grieve, but I don’t know what the English equivalent is. But I am simultaneously today very happy and very sad.

Also very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to write a review. If that’s you, thank you so much!