NaNoWriMo ends today. I guess I should call it NaBlogMo? I did blog every day. But word count hovers at about 12K, nowhere near the 50K that would have been a “win.”

That said, I like what I wrote and I’m not going to stop writing tomorrow, just because it’s December 1st. I’m not sure what I got out of NaNoWriMo. It feels like nothing, except this year I did manage to keep writing. And maybe I learned some stuff about my process along the way.

Whenever I read about word counts, about people writing thousands of words a day, every day, I feel like there’s some secret that I’m missing. Why can I never seem to make that happen? But I think maybe instead of being annoyed at my slow pace, I need to think of myself as a turtle. Slow and steady, I’ll get there in the end.