I wrote yesterday. Not a ton of words, not enough words, but good words. I also did laundry, including the folding of my laundry, which is often where I fail, made a couple good meals with plenty of leftovers for later, ate healthy food, made my bed, bought tablecloths for my Thanksgiving dinner tables… and took a two hour long candlelit bath with a Nora Roberts that was on sale.

So it was a productive day and also a very pleasant day. For today, words, words, more words. I realized that posting the story as I wrote it on fictionpress was part of why I was getting stuck — the need for it to be good enough for other people to see is inhibiting, even though I’ve always found that a helpful way to backup my files, motivate myself, and keep my scenes focused. So for the next week, I’m not going to post on fp. Come December–or whenever–I’ll start revising and posting and then maybe those scenes will go fast.

I also realized yesterday that three days off and too much revision really was making life a lot more difficult. I kept having to refresh my memory about what had happened because I’d written bits that I’d then deleted and I’d changed stuff around. Had he talked about hope yet? Nope, that was gone, so good, I could put that in here. Had she found out about his past yet? Nope, decided to do that and then pushed it off to later. Oops, and wait, where did Rose go? Drat, losing track of a character is never any good. And all of that — well, both contributed to the not-very-many-words word count — but also was a direct result of not writing every day and not staying fresh in the story. It’s a good reminder to me of why writing every day is so useful.

All that said, this week is Thanksgiving. R will come home on Wednesday, yay, and the chance that I’ll get much writing done on Thursday is pretty small. I also am tempted to do some seriously crazy cooking over the next few days — some fun appetizer possibilities, maybe some baking for early Christmas presents — fun, but not conducive to the thousands of words I’d like to be writing. But I’m not going to worry about that now. For today — words, words, and more words.