Today–grey, misty, cool–felt like a good day to have waffles for breakfast. Instead, I had a spinach and arugula salad with a warm bacon vinaigrette. It was so good that I made more after I finished my first one. The funny thing is, it sounds all healthy–ooh, spinach salad instead of waffles–but you make the vinaigrette with bacon fat. I find it really hard to believe that a tablespoon of pure fat poured on spinach is all that healthy. It tasted great, though. Although note to self: the red wine vinegar had a little too strong of a tang, so try it with balsamic or apple cider vinegar next time.

I hit a book milestone that I have been waiting a long time for this week, and it was disappointing. For the first time since setting Ghosts to be free, I sold more books in a day than I gave away. So combined, the four titles for sale outsold the number of copies of Ghosts downloaded. Isn’t that nice? Except it was because the number of free downloads dropped to a new low. Drat. That was not how it was supposed to happen. I’m mostly kind of amused by this–it feels like one of those classic life ironies. Be careful what you wish for.

In other news… um, yeah, I’ve got no other news. My house is ridiculously clean because I’ve had a ton of energy lately. I have hung pictures and organized bookshelves and scrubbed the bathtub and done so much laundry that it is apparent to me that I should get rid of some clothes, because when they’re all clean, my drawers can barely close. Yesterday I actually did some Christmas shopping. Christmas! It’s single digits in November. This is not me. But I am absolutely committed to the sauerkraut part of my diet. Yes, it sounds disgusting–well, if you don’t like sauerkraut, which I do not–but I have literally (in the original meaning of the word) never felt healthier in my life. I’ve broken other parts of the diet–Friday I merrily ate as much gluten as I wanted at the Food & Wine Festival and then ate cheese and pate on baguette crackers when I got home–and I still felt better yesterday than my old “normal” ever did. I suppose I should be careful about giving all the credit to sauerkraut–I’m also trying really hard to eat leafy greens every day, and organ meats and seafood four or five times a week, plus avoiding the universe of foods that don’t fall into those categories–but still, the sauerkraut is the thing that most feels like a change. C jokes about AIP (auto-immune protocol diet) being a cult but I think I should start a sauerkraut cult. Well, and also, I should try some other fermented foods, too. I still haven’t made my own yet, but maybe someday soon.

I have written over 800 words this morning (posted on the writing blog, too) and not a single one of them belongs to A Gift of Grace. Time to change that!