91 words yesterday. At a few points, my word count was higher, but it kept going lower in the end. Oops.

That said, I loved my choices yesterday. Yes, I should have been writing, but I went swimming instead. The water was cold. I’m usually much too wimpy to go in when swimming is a shock of sensation instead of a pleasant glide, but the sun was hot, the dogs wanted to play… I probably spent at least an hour in the pool. Zelda was having such a good time with her basketballs and Bartleby loved the water. He swam, he splashed, he exited and ran like crazy around the pool. He acted like a puppy instead of the little old man he usually is. It was a glorious afternoon.

After I changed, I was resolved to write. Write, write, write… but R came home earlier than expected from his trip to Stetson and instead we watched Orphan Black together. No regrets, not a one. Then he borrowed my computer so he could watch an online show and then… time just zoomed by. I grilled red snapper for dinner and ate outside, with the tabletop torch lit and the butterfly lights glittering in the cool night, and I thought about writing more, but it never happened.

If I was a competent Russell Blake style writer (Rule #3, Hit your daily word count no matter what!) I’d be making plans for today to be better. Must catch up. Must write all the words! Instead, I’m headed to Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival, and I’m pretty confidently expecting my word count for today to be… well, zero. But I have thirty minutes before we leave, so maybe I’ll see if I can make that at least something more like 25.

Goal for today: 25 words. Ideally, ones that I don’t just delete tomorrow morning.