Last night, I tried desperately to sleep.

All insomniacs know the feeling. It’s the one where you’re tired and want nothing more than to stop being tired, but your brain just won’t shut off.

I kept trying to switch things around to get a quiet head. Maybe I needed a different pillow. Maybe facing the other direction? Maybe touching a dog, maybe not touching a dog? Maybe working on a different story.

Every once in a while, the thought came to me: “your finger hurts.” Everyone once in a while, I said to myself, “yeah, I know, shut up and GO TO SLEEP.”

It never happened. I’ve been awake since 2AM.

But in the cold, harsh light of day, this is how my finger looks:
2014-08-18 15.18.08

Damn it, no wonder it hurts. That little bump against the oven pan with the baking potatoes in it–that’s a second degree burn with a whopping great blister.

I give myself permission to not sleep. I hope I do anyway.