Most of my words yesterday wound up being minor tweaks to ALM, but I consider it a successful work day.

Today, though, not so much. I took the day off and played lots of silly iPad games. Last night’s dinner was lovely–graphic proof below, but exhausting. When I was inviting people, I felt super-casual about it–hey, come hang out and celebrate summer with us–but once you’ve invited a dozen people to dinner, you kind of have to get your act together. We had sausage and veggie skewers, burgers with bacon and blue cheese (mine was topped with home-made guac and a sriracha mayo), sweet potato fries, salad, cole slaw, and an assortment of appetizer dips, including a paleo-friendly roasted beet hummus and a Mexican tzatziki (we didn’t have dill, so I used cilantro and lime instead–it tasted just as good.) And then played a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity. Tomorrow, though, tomorrow I will be writing. ALM needs a new ending, and some tweaks at a couple places in the middle. I know what I’m going to do for the tweaks, but the ending is still a mystery to me. I hope the fingers cooperate!