So I spent the week in Tassamara. And it was lovely.

But, having finished my subscription bonus short story and sent it out to subscribers and then spent a couple hours obsessively checking my email to be sure at least a couple of them liked it enough to tell me so (YES! they did! YAY!), I was so ready to get back to A Lonely Magic.

Point One: Sia Mara and Tassamara? What was I thinking? Two names that are so close are almost sure to be confusing. But… sigh… the name is too solidly in my head now. I don’t think I can change it. Ah, well.

Point Two: Oh, it is so much fun to be back with the Sia Mara. SO fun! I’ve spent the afternoon reading reviews and comments, collecting them for the editing document that I create for every book. It’s a list of changes that I know I need to make and items that I want to check. My usual editing process is to work my way down it before sending the file out to some beta reviewers and creating a second editing list. So this is maybe my alpha editing list? Anyway, I’m reading all the reviews in order to collate all the suggestions people made along the way and make sure that I’ve at least considered them, whether or not I made the change, and it’s been so fun. The number of times people wrote “What a twist!” or “OMG, didn’t see that one coming” pleases me greatly. Sia Mara is just really, really entertaining to me.

Ah, which brings us to the point of this post: if you’re interested in being a beta reader for the next draft–it’ll be at least a week from now, because there’s a lot I want to add–please leave a comment. I know some of you have read the first draft while it’s been happening, so I understand if you don’t want to look at the second version, plus I have every intention of posting more revisions to wattpad, which is much easier if you don’t actually like looking for places to criticize. But if you do like to be critical and would like to read the closer to final draft, please do let me know!

This book is getting a real editor. I’ve hired him already, even sent him some money, but he’s not available until the end of April, so I’ve got about a month to make it as perfect as I can on my own. I’m excited to see how the more-perfect-than-my-own-level-of-perfect process goes.