3PM and I have mostly been deciding to delete what I wrote yesterday. That’s never good. I keep walking away from the computer, feeling inspired, hurrying back and immediately losing all inspiration. Finally decided that I should write here just to get the fingers moving and see if that would help.

I’m at the end. Really, really close, and I can’t decide whether it’s a good finish or a weak one. Parts of it are good, but I may be writing beyond the real climax. I think I need to go back to that earlier climax and expand upon it somehow–I can even see how. But I don’t know what that does to the part that I’m in right now.

Also, I have to write a setting and I hate writing settings. So now I can see why I’m stuck and now I’ve also reminded myself that I should just write! No point in over-thinking this. It’s a first draft. Plenty of time for edits if it doesn’t work quite right after I’ve got the bare bones of the story down.

And I’m so seriously amused by a twist coming up–two twists!–one of which I’ve been foreshadowing from the very beginning but that I still think will surprise everyone. And until I write it I can’t know if it does!

Okay, off to get myself a drink and possibly a snack and then… the words will flow.