So I have not been posting here. Bad me.

But that is because I have been madly writing and oh, having so much fun with it. My WIP hit 50K words tonight and every time I think about writing something that would take writing energy away from it — well, I just don’t.

Lessons learned, however: number one is the value of just writing and letting the words flow. I’ve gotten stuck, I truly have. And I’ve wasted words, if you want to call it that, spewing out crap that does nothing but let me focus on what I ought to be writing rather than what I am writing. In a real count, I think I’m probably a lot closer to 75K words in the past month, if you include all the ones that were useless, repetitive, went nowhere, etc. But as long as my fingers kept moving, words kept coming and…

Well, it’s entirely possible that in the bi-polar dance that is my life, I’m simply in a manic state. I grant the possibility that I am not a good judge of my current accomplishments. But that said, I think what I’ve written this past month is really, really good. It’s often funny, often crazy weird, often truly creative. I could be wrong. I could be insane. (Literally, please, none of the metaphorical insanity for me.) But I am pretty sure that my WIP is the most interesting thing that I’ve ever written.

I’m definitely going to need beta readers and an editor to tell me I didn’t skip all the guts of it–it might be the bare bones, missing the pieces that would make it comprehensible to anyone else–but in terms of sheer entertainment value, I’m pretty sure it’s excellent. And for once, I’m actually excited to have readers tell me whether I’ve hit or missed. If I’ve missed, I’ll fix it–I’ll add the bits that will make it comprehensible to anyone else–but I’m pretty sure it’s fun either way.

Oh, being manic is fun. I wish I could skip the inevitable crash, though.