My favorite lines from the most recent chapter of my current WIP:

    1) Maybe he was like a Doctor Who alien, a creepy monster zipped inside a human-being suit.
    2) Seriously, her brain would dump crazy-sauce all over her psyche when someone got too close to her on the El and it was going to let aliens slide?
    3) Someone should have given Gaelith better lessons in not being an alien.
    4) “I’m a legal adult in all fifty states. I take care of myself. A couple days in paradise, awesome, rad to the tenth, rocks the big one.” Fen couldn’t keep her hands still and her voice was rising with each additional adjective, so she stopped herself and took a deep breath. In a quieter voice, she said, “But I want to know when I’m going home.”
    5) Aliens.
    Damn them.
    They were so very, very nice.

Writing today was awful. Gah. Words squeezed out like that very last bit of toothpaste when you know you should have bought a new tube three days ago but you just didn’t get around to it, and the honest truth is that there’s nothing left in there but you still want to brush your teeth.

End of the day, though, I am amused.

Feel free to vote for your favorite in the comments! I love them all, but then, I know what goes in between them.