Six days, 15,000 words. That means for the last couple of days, I averaged 2K words per day. I honestly wasn’t doing the math while I wrote, so I don’t know how that split out, but I also don’t care much. For me to have done 15K words in six days is… a lovely and delightful breakthrough.

Things I’ve realized: I do better when I can remind myself to abandon reality. I spent a while figuring out the right plane for my characters to be on, given their need for medical equipment, etc. Got one picked out, looked at some pictures, all good. But then the plane needed to land and I realized that it was too big to land at any private airport, it would need to land at one of the major airports in Guatemala or Belize. I lost probably three hours to that scene before finally saying, Wait. This is just filler crap. This is needing a foster care agency to be involved. When reality doesn’t help the story, ABANDON REALITY. (I’m going to turn that into a wall aphorism–abandon reality all ye who write here.)

Also, if I let my fingers go, they’ll go somewhere. Maybe it won’t be where I thought I was going. Maybe it won’t be a place where I want to be. But it might be better than either of the above. Trust the fingers. My next wall aphorism. 🙂

I may take tomorrow off, as much for the sake of my arms which are as carpal tunnel as if I’d been playing WoW for days. I’ve got some books to read, some television to watch, and heaven knows some cleaning to do. But I might keep going too, because Fen’s life right now is pure fun and I’m happy to be living in it.