One month since I published A Gift of Time. I’ve sold about 100 copies and gotten 16 reviews on Amazon. I’ve got three free days left to use before I take it out of Kindle Select and start selling it other places, so I’d like to use them wisely. That means for the first time I’m considering spending money on some advertising, therefore doing some reading about indie book promotion, and oh, it’s just overwhelming.

There seems to be pretty much unanimous consent that 16 reviews is not enough. That says I should keep waiting for more reviews, but I have only two months left in which to use my free days, and scheduling days isn’t easy. Another thing I read said “don’t waste your money advertising a later book in a series, people won’t buy it.”

Ugh, you know, even writing this much — putting this twenty minutes of thought into it — has made my brain want to shut off. I’m going to have to get less resistant to this idea, but maybe that will happen for some later book. Like, much later. I think I’m going to go write some more of Akira’s honeymoon right now instead. But if you haven’t reviewed Time and feel inclined to help me out, a review would be useful.

And if you haven’t entered my Goodreads giveaway, you should! I’d really like the books to go to people who want them.