I didn’t keep track of any of my measurements on New Year’s Eve, just put quantities together that looked right. But here’s what I made:

1) Spicy crab tarts. I mixed crab meat, light mayo, parmesan cheese, siracha and some worcestershire sauce, and put it in phyllo cups, baked it in a 425 oven for about ten minutes. Sprinkled it with some green onion, finely chopped, and some red paprika. (I think it wasn’t really paprika, maybe chili powder of some kind? But some form of red pepper.)

2) Bacon & cheese. Cooked four slices of bacon, chopped it up fairly finely, mixed it with  light mayo, shredded sheep’s milk cheese (petit basque), and a tablespoon or so of Cento diced hot cherry peppers. Spread it on thin slices of baguette, baked at 425 oven for 8 minutes or so.

3) Cranberry & brie. Baked puff pastry cups per the directions on the box, then filled them with a bit of brie, a little green onion, and a dab of cranberry sauce and baked them for another five minutes or so, long enough for the cheese to melt. Best hot.4) Artichoke tarts. Mixed softened cream cheese with chopped up marinated artichokes, some parmesan cheese, some red hot peppers, and honestly, I don’t know what else. I was very much in the cooking zone where I didn’t read recipes or measure ingredients, just assumed that all good things taste good together. Maybe there was some mayo in there, if the spread seemed a little thick. And maybe not. I might have added some salt and pepper, possibly some green onion. Anyway, I tried the artichoke spread in all my breadish options: in phyllo cups, in puff pastry, and on baguette. I think it was best on baguette–toasted cheese spreads are always good on bread–but it was always tasty.