Said it all in the headline. 🙂

But here’s the link: A Gift of Time

Please help spread the word if you can. Forward, share, reblog, whatever. It doesn’t have enough reviews to get picked up by the free sites, so the only visibility it will get is from what I can give it and that’s… well, you.

Two years ago, I set Ghosts to be free for the first time and I had 86 downloads by this time of the morning. Today… 2. Two’s better than zero, of course, so I am not complaining. Much. But my readers-to-hours ratio on this book is coming in at a number so far below the decimal point… hmm, I’ve just confused myself mathematically. But I’m at about 100 hours of writing time per reader right now, which is sort of an amusing way to look at it and sort of a really depressing way.

I think I’ll go walk the dogs.