Yesterday’s word count: 519 words.

When I got home last night, my count was at 498. I thought about tagging a bit of dialog with “she said” but decided that was an unnecessary cop-out. Instead, I added a knock on the door. It’s not as much of a plot ninja as it sounds: the bad guy was chasing my heroine and one of the kids and they’d gotten safely behind a door, but I didn’t know what happened next in their conversation. Resolving to keep writing, make the goal, get it done, got me into the next part of the scene. I felt so satisfied with myself at the end of those 21 words. Although not quite so satisfied that I kept writing–I poured myself a glass of wine and watched some Agents of SHIELD instead. 4th episode last night and it might finally be getting good.

Today’s goal: oof. I’m tired, getting off to a very late start and have evening plans for the second day in a row. I think I’ll make it 500 words anyway. I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen–I’m well into the creepy, running-around-a-scary-house-in-the-dark sequence and sort of worried that the word “dark” is being seriously overused–but if I get into it, I hope it’ll get fun. Setting my goal at 250 words is like an implicit promise to myself that I won’t be getting into the writing, so the bigger goal is better. That said, I’m not trying for any 1000 word craziness. I’ve got too much to do and it’s already afternoon!