Quick post today, because I’m off to yoga in 10 minutes. And I haven’t written a word yet, ARGH. I like to at least get started before yoga so that I’m motivated to pick it right up again when I get back.

Anyway, yesterday proved a challenging but successful word count day. At 4PM, I had about one good sentence and it was annoying me. It was one of those days when I just couldn’t find a starting place. I kept writing bits, deleting them, trying again, saving a few words, mixing it up. I was stuck. But at 4, I decided I couldn’t stand the thought of breaking the chain and instead of giving up for the day, I started writing something, anything–and then it started to go. I had to introduce a new character, which annoyed me, but it was the way to solve my dilemma, and I wound up with 1100 words by the end of the day.

Today’s goal: 1000 again. It’s going to be the last day for several where I have good writing time — the rest of the week is errands and out of the house stuff and busy days, so it will probably be close to my last chance to get serious words done until next Monday. (I do intend to write W-F, just not ambitiously.) But I’m hoping I can get deep enough into my next chapter that even if I lose some days, I can start back with some momentum. Wind in my sails, so to speak!