I got stuck yesterday. I finished a chapter with a couple of hundred words, then realized that even though I knew what was coming soon, I didn’t know what was next. So I spent some time organizing — going back and reminding myself of my loose threads and what needed to be tied together, working out which characters needed to be in which scenes, trying to decide the order of events and the timing for them. I wound up with about five open documents, three short sketches of scenes, an outline and character notes and a slightly different plan for the rest of the book. I have one piece of plot puzzle that I haven’t quite figured out and I really need to get that settled, but it stumped me yesterday so I moved on to scenes. I don’t know what my total word count was, but definitely less than 1000. Still, it was probably at least 500 and by my more recent standards, that marks it as a decent day.

And decent is better than nothing. Onward!