So CostCo sells seaweed salad. Once before I bought the giant box of it and ate seaweed salad for days. I actually thought that maybe I’d be done with seaweed salad after that, but turns out  I still like it. And I particularly like it when it accompanies the spicy tuna volcano at Arigato, my favorite sushi restaurant.

When I saw the seaweed salad again, I wondered how hard the tuna volcano would be to make. Answer: EASY!

Chop fresh ahi tuna into small chunks.

Mix two tablespoons of sriracha sauce with one tablespoon of sesame oil and pour on the tuna. Add the green from two spring onions, finely chopped, and mix thoroughly. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Serve with sushi rice (1 1/3 cups fine-grain rice, cooked on the sushi setting of the rice cooker, mixed with 2 tbsps rice vinegar and 1 tbsp sugar) and seaweed salad.

Eat. Say yum. Yum, yum, yum, yum.

Given the price of the seaweed salad and the tuna (total, $33), it’s probably cheaper to buy it as an appetizer. But we have enough tuna left for another recipe and enough seaweed salad for a dozen more meals. And it really was delicious. Just as good as at the restaurant, and maybe even better — it had a bit more kick in my version.