This dish was mostly based on this recipe from Kalyn’s kitchen:

I really liked the idea of the roasted lemons, and they were tasty. It’s an interestingly different flavor from simple lemon juice: both a little more bitter from the rind and a little sweeter somehow, probably from the roasting.

Things I did differently: well, only made half the recipe for starters. Pounded the chicken breasts thin and then sliced them in half, so cooked them for a lot less time. I didn’t have poultry seasoning, so I used a little kosher salt with the pepper. I also didn’t have green olives so I used kalamata. And I didn’t bother to rinse the capers. The chicken broth was homemade, so low-salt enough that it balanced out the flavors of the salty ingredients. I used coconut oil instead of olive for the cooking and then about a tsp of fake butter instead of the two tablespoons of real butter. Coconut oil seems to thicken a sauce nicely on its own.

Things I would do differently next time: probably mix whole-wheat flour with white. I could taste the flour and didn’t love it. Make sure the lemons are sliced thin and cut off any really big rind. Otherwise… well, maybe try it with green onions. But it was pretty delicious as it was, so I might not bother.

Two thumbs up — definite keeper!