So the sauce was for lobster ravioli, but the ravioli was just CostCo whatever. The package detailed a sauce that I’m sure was lovely — if you were willing to eat two entire sticks of butter! Here’s what I made instead.

Saute some shallots, finely chopped, in coconut oil. (40 calories per tsp, I used about a tablespoon.) Add chicken broth and chardonnay–I used half a cup each, but more sauce would have been lovely, if I did it again I’d make it a full cup of both. Simmer steadily for a couple minutes and then add the juice from half a lemon, some zest from the same lemon, and some parsley. Keep simmering.

Eventually, when there’s about half the liquid you started with in the pan, add a teaspoon of fake butter. Not a tablespoon — a teaspoon is plenty! Just enough to give the sauce a bit of density. Simmer a little longer, maybe two more minutes, until the fake butter is entirely dissolved.

On each plate, drip a teaspoon or so of sauce, then plate five ravioli on top of the sauce. Add another tsp of sauce, plus parsley, plus a bit of lemon zest. It wouldn’t hurt to squeeze a little more lemon on top, but I didn’t. I had the lemon there, but forgot about it in my annoyance about the ravioli falling apart.

And you’re done.

Eat ravioli.

Say yum. Image