IMG_0690Marinate shrimp in spiced rum (a couple glugs, maybe about 1/3 cup?), jerk seasoning & Season-all (1 tsp each–or, you know, whatever comes out of the container with a few good shakes), coconut oil (say 2 tablespoons?) and the juice from half a lime.

Saute a little red onion in coconut oil until it goes translucent (maybe 1/4 cup? I used considerably less than half an onion). That should take no more than two minutes. (Heat the pan first, at medium to high!) Add some cherry tomatoes, sliced in half. I used about two thirds of a container. Saute until they’re soft, but not mushy. Three minutes or so. Turn up the heat to high, wait a minute, then add the shrimp and cook quickly, turning frequently, as if it were stir-fry. Add some chopped cilantro, and squeeze a quarter of a lime over the mixture. After two to three minutes of cooking–probably closer to two–remove pan from heat.

In a tortilla, place some chopped avocado, shrimp mixture, plus sriracha to taste, a little more lime juice, a little more cilantro if you have it, and anything else that you happen to have lying around that might taste good — ie, lettuce, chopped cabbage, sour cream, greek yogurt, etc. Fold into a wrap.


Say Yum.