crocodile image

From the porch of the house.

I promised a few animal pictures. This was the crocodile, in the water below the house. It seemed like a perfectly nice crocodile, as such creatures go, but I have to admit that I was a little nervous when I was hanging up laundry not ten feet away from where we’d seen it earlier in the day.

iguana picture

The iguana.


The first time I saw the iguana, I thought its head looked just like a mini t-rex. This picture doesn’t capture that perspective, but it was a pretty impressive iguana. Compared to the little geckos we have in Florida, it was godzilla.

Scorpion pic

A little blurry, but the mama scorpion in all her glory

The babies are too tiny to see, but apparently baby scorpions have a much nastier sting than the big ones because they deliver all their poison instead of reserving some for later. Isn’t that the kind of thing that would make you happy to know as you were falling asleep on the floor of the bedroom where you’d seen a host of baby scorpions earlier in the day? Poor R. But he toughed it out. I should make him a medal. Or give him a title of some sort — Sleeps with Scorpions?