Long story, but I posted a bad link on fanfic.net and it’s going to take me a while to fix it and post a better one there. So in the meantime, just in case: Menus at the New York Public Library (This is an incredibly fun site to browse if you’re interested in food and history.)

I’m having far too entertaining a time writing Doctor Who fanfiction. I suppose it’s good that I’m enjoying writing in any way, shape, or form, and I should just be happy about that. But it does mean that I ought to start looking for a serious job. If what I need to write needs to be free, then I need to also figure out some way to eat. In three months, R finishes school and both of us are set free. In my case, for the first time in decades, my job doesn’t need to be boundaried by his school being my first and foremost responsibility. In his case, the future awaits. Whee. Sort of. Change is always both exciting and scary, and this sort of change is about the biggest there is. I think it’ll be … interesting … for both of us. Also, I think I’ll pour myself another glass of wine before thinking any more about it.

Random other note: Amanda Palmer’s TED talk? Crazy beautiful. Also scary. I am not that brave. Just…not.

Edit: It amuses me that I used “free” to mean both without cost and without responsibility. They’re both different and yet not.