Dear Carol and Judy,

After the two of you commented on my one-year-anniversary post, I decided that I wanted to make you something for Christmas.

If you lived near me, I would have baked you Christmas cookies. I make really good cookies.  I’ve got a long list of holiday favorites — thumbprint cookies, molasses cookies, nut roll, cupcake cookies — but my specialty is sugar cookies, the kind where you roll out the dough and sprinkle the top with colored sugar. I’ve made them almost every year since I was twelve or so. Even in the days before I knew how to cook, when my sauces separated and my rice stuck together like flannel pjs in midwinter, my sugar cookies were lovely. But I don’t think they’d make it to New Zealand intact and I don’t have the faintest idea where you live, Judy, but I’m pretty sure it’s not down the street.

So no cookies. Instead, I  wrote you a story. (Or finished it anyway.) I thought I’d just post it here and that would be fun, but it got sort of long for that. Then I thought I’d make it a downloadable file, but that turns out to be complicated. You can’t actually post a file to be downloaded at a blogger site, so I would have needed to get a real website. I was debating what to do–new website? email? dropbox?–when I remembered this summer, at my geekgirl presentation, describing Amazon as the biggest bake sale in the world.

Amazon. Bake sale. Sugar cookies. Christmas stories.


A Christmas present for the two of you. Free on Amazon for the next three days (December 26th through 28th), two days in reserve so in case you miss it, we can schedule a free day for when you can get it.

I hope it makes you smile.