I’ve not been much of a blogger lately, or much of a writer. End of summer is always such a transition, and not one that I do well. But we’re finally starting to settle into the new routine. This week I meant to do lots of writing, but instead I did lots of cover designing. I know that I’m not enough of a designer to make a living at design, but it really is awfully fun.

Well, sometimes it’s fun, I suppose. The first cover of Thought never made me very happy. But I went to a meeting of the Orlando Independent Writers this week and a fellow author inspired me to do a redesign. I didn’t even stick to my own cover principles with that cover. I do know what I was thinking with the decisions I made, but, eh, better to stick with cover rules. So, new cover for Thought, first cover for Time (unfinished, since I have no quote for it yet), minor re-design on Ghosts for consistency. Let’s see how they look at small sizes!

Updated: Immediate changes. Rejected the first round, let’s try a second!