I got a message from fictionpress that I should have ignored, but couldn’t.

This person Inappropriate sent me a private message that said — and I quote —
can i talk?
thats me in my profile picture”

to which I responded, “If that’s you in your profile picture, does your mother know you’re writing to strangers online? Because I want to call her up and tell her she’s being negligent — and you should know better! And no, we cannot talk. Get offline and behave like an appropriate eight-year old.”

And I still feel angry. I have no idea who that is but I am quite sure, he/she/it is not the person in the picture and whoever he/she/it is, using a little kid’s picture like that is disgusting. I feel slimed just by the interaction. And also furious. I wish I could call someone — if not a mother, better yet the police. And just the fact that someone so sleazy would respond to something I wrote makes me want to throw things.