Book’s done, proofed, ready to go — all I need to do now is write a blurb that works. It is unbelievably hard. I think I’m going to be tweaking this blurb for the next three months. Should it start with Dillon? The book does. Or Sylvie, the way my current blurb has? Including both of them in the blurb without  spoilers has so far been completely beyond me. As I yearn for a marketing department, I have to remind myself that back when I did work with a marketing department, I almost always preferred to write the sales copy myself. And in this case, I’m definitely best qualified to do the job. I’m tempted to send out emails to all the people who’ve already read it, though, and say, ‘Um, what’s the book about?’ just to see what they say.

…And I think I just published it. Wow, Amazon has made it easy. No more Mobipocket creator, meta data, building a table of contents — you upload the Word doc, they turn it into a book for you. Not that I’ve seen the book yet. It’s still publishing. But by tomorrow morning, I bet it’ll be up there.

We used to hit a big gong to celebrate sending a book to the printer. Everyone in the company stood up in their cubicles and cheered the triumphant team that had just achieved a little miracle. Somehow hitting Save just doesn’t have the same oomph. I think I’ll go set off some fireworks.