The dead tree version. After seeing it, I decided to switch back to the brighter blue with white letters, so this is the only copy of this style that will ever exist. Funny thought! Knowing me, I’ll leave it out and the bird will find it and chew on it.

The pricing debate is a bit miserable. If I only distribute directly through CreateSpace and Amazon, I can set the price at $7.99 without losing money on every copy sold. I wouldn’t make much either, but it’d still be better than the 35 cents per book that some indie authors are willing to take. But if I want to let it be distributed to other places, including libraries, independent bookstores, and so on, then the lowest it can really go is $9.99. If people buy it through Amazon, I’ll still make $2 then, which is less than on an e-book, but is still pretty reasonable. Sales through those other places earn me next to nothing, though. But to raise the price to levels that earn me something on every book…it just feels too expensive to me.

Eh. Dead trees are expensive, I guess. But pretty! Very pretty!!