I was not terribly specific on my last post: today, March 2nd, is the final free day for A Gift of Ghosts. If you haven’t reviewed it, today would be a great day to post a review. Or if there are people you’d recommend it to, again, today would be a good day. I’m at school all day, with two presentations, treatment plans, clients — it’s going to be a long day. It’d be nice to come home to a successful book giveaway!

I admit, though, I have low expectations. The problem with needing to use the day before my time ran out is that this week was/is midterms. I spent my time much more focused on school than on making sure the free book sites knew there was one more free book in the daily thousands of freebies. C’est la vie. It seems to me — anecdotally, at least — that people who get the book for free are much less likely to ever read it. It just sits on their Kindles, invisible amongst the multitude of other freebies. So I’m not going to feel badly about my own laziness, even if I have wasted the day.