Okay, not my book — it’s not posted for sale anywhere yet, so that’s a fine reason for it not to sell. But I stumbled across this blog, Why Is My Book Not Selling, and spent a fascinating hour reading. I also added it to my RSS feed. It’s such a terrific source of help for self-pubbed authors and I’d like to start commenting there. Partially to build up karma for when Ghosts gets there, but also just because it seems truly useful.

I did realize, though, while reading other people’s blurbs that I’m a truly critical reader. If I do start commenting, I’m going to have to qualify everything I say with ‘just my opinion’ and ‘personal taste.’ Reading for a while made me want to go through my work and delete every adjective and adverb. I wonder what Ghosts would be like if all the adjectives were missing? I might have to try it and find out.