Something strange went wrong with Chrome today. It kept returning errors, and wouldn’t show me any pages. I tried using Internet Explorer but found it confusing; downloaded and installed Firefox but found it frustrating. I’m just used to Chrome. It works the way I think it should. And it’s fast. And it knows all the places I like to go.

So I read some suggestions in the help pages and the simplest seemed to be to uninstall the software and reinstall it. A moment — a single moment — of thought would have made me question the wisdom of this decision, but did I pause for that moment? No, I did not. I was too frustrated.

All of my bookmarks, all of my carefully organized folders of bookmarks, interesting writing sites, college sites, links to… everything… are gone. Strangely, I feel like I’ve been robbed, that weird little shock when you open the car and realize that the glove compartment has been ransacked, that the CDs are gone, the change in the cupholder has been cleaned out, and that instead of hopping in the car and heading to work, you have to call the police. Only I’m not sure there are any police to call.

Ironically, it made me happy that I’d changed the address of the blog, so at least I knew how to find it. It’ll take me forever to recreate my bookmarks.

If I looked for a picture to represent this post, it would be a sad face.