And a second draft, too. The first one looks absolutely nothing like the cover of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, but there’s some book it resembles, I’m sure of it. I’ll find it someday and feel stupid for not remembering. But I realized while looking at it that it’s wrong, anyway — it’s too dark, too serious. So I tried making it more colorful and I kind of like this one. The blur makes me think of Akira talking about what the energy of the house looks like. I suppose it would be better if I found a house picture and blurred that. Hmm, maybe with some Spanish moss in the background? But using Powerpoint for design is not so easy. (Not to mention that I’m not a designer.) But this, or something close to it, might do. 
There’s a terrible catch-22 with cover design which is that if I want to sell the book, it makes sense to pay for a good designer, but obviously, I can’t do that while I’m an unemployed graduate student. Or shouldn’t, anyway. I need to remind myself that I’m not at a million words yet. Worrying about cover design is approximately 700,000 words in my future. Two days away from NaNoWriMo, and I should decide what to write!