I’m suffering from the worst case of writer’s procrastination at the moment. I keep opening the file and then finding something else to do. I’ve browsed, I’ve read, I’ve played games, I’ve cleaned the closet, I’ve tweeted…it’s bizarre, mostly because it’s not writer’s block, it’s just writer’s procrastination. I know what’s going to happen next in the story (or what I want to happen, anyway), I’m just not writing it.

Amusingly, though (to me, anyway), when I decided to try one of my favorite writer’s block cures, I couldn’t do it because it doesn’t fit. Whenever I’m stuck, I try to imagine what the character is smelling at that moment in the story. It makes for a nice sensory detail and it gets me back into the place to see what comes next. But at the moment, Akira is a ghost, so she can’t smell anything. So this is just procrastination, and now I’ll write something else.

I want to find a picture of Spanish moss to use for the cover. If I had one, I’d include it here. I need to get some more pictures for random blog posting, I suppose.