Today’s my first day of class and for some reason, my anxiety level is really high. My previous classes have been fun, but this semester is where we go from the theoretical, intellectual side to the practical, hands-on, and it’s sort of terrifying. Not just that “what if I screw up?” feeling, but also the “what if I hate this?” If I hate it…yeah. That’d be bad. But, I remind myself (plaintively), life is filled with choices and paths and changes, and if necessary, I’ll just find a new path. Another new path.

Yeah, okay, that’s not helping. Anxiety level climbing.

I’m at a new place in my ghost story, one where I have to make a lot of time pass really quickly, and I realize that I haven’t done much of that in the stories I’ve written this year. Or in the book I wrote so long ago, which basically means that I’ve never done it. No wonder I’m uncertain how to proceed. I think there’s going to be a lot of writer-ly experimentation going on in the next few days. In between those anxiety-provoking classes, anyway.

PS I procrastinated by checking my RSS feed, and whee, Patricia Wrede wrote about this very thing today. It’s narrative summary that I’m going to be trying to write. Nice to stumble upon a name for it. I don’t want it to be invisible, but not too detailed either.