I love my Mac, I really do. But it doesn’t make blogging fun. I started out using Safari. But on Safari, you get no tools–no bold, no italic–although I do think there’s a button that would let me attach an image if I ever wanted to try it.

So I decided to switch browsers. And I painfully switched to Firefox. It took a while, but when the switch was complete, I returned to the blog. And discovered that on Firefox on the Mac, the text entry box is a mess. You can’t backspace to delete, you can’t see what you’re typing. (Incidentally, it works the same way on comments on other people’s blogs. Yes, I look illiterate when I comment, so I don’t comment much!)

I tried that for a while, and gave up. Then I tried this two-browser method. I write in Safari, where I can edit. Then I close Safari and switch to Firefox where I can format. Yeah, it works. But it’s not what one would call fun.

However, I have to blog for work now, and it’s leading me to all sorts of discoveries. Like this, and that. Someday soon, I’ll discover how to add color and I will be content.