Hello! (And, well, good-bye…)

Hello! You’ve reached the website of Sarah (or SJ) Wynde, probably because you followed a link from the back of a book that you downloaded a while ago.

Alas, I’m no longer updating this site. For information about my books, including info about new releases, please try the news page at Rozelle Press.

To reach me… I recommend carrier pigeon. Or possibly wishing on a dandelion. More seriously, though, I’m no longer on social media and my email addresses are so inundated with spam that the chance your email would get seen through the flood of junk is pretty remote. You really didn’t need to reach me anyway, right?*

But thanks for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed my stories and that they’ve brought you joy.

Best wishes,


* Okay, if your answer to that question is “YES, I do want to reach you!” and you’re willing to make the effort, you could try the US Mail. If you send a letter to The Mighty Small Farm, City 8, Arcata, CA 95521, it will probably find its way to me. No guarantees, though!