06 Jun

Win at trying

I can’t italicize a title, darn it.

Two blog posts in one day, ridiculous!

But my friend Tim said something to me tonight and I need to save it forever and this is the place where I save things forever, so… he said,

“You win at trying.”

It makes me want to do fist pumps, jump in the air and clap, turn my head up to the sky and shout in my loudest voice, “Yes.”

I win at trying. Getting out of bed is so hard sometimes and I do it anyway. When I can’t write the words, I at least open the files and look at them. It feels like nothing. I beat myself up about it. But I keep doing it, day after day after day.

And all I need to remember is to keep doing it. It’s not about finishing a book. It’s not about making a business work. It’s not about accomplishing anything. Never giving up is a success unto itself.

It’s my new life goal: Win at trying.

4 thoughts on “Win at trying

  1. I’d love to claim this as my own, but you turned me on to this idea. I think it’s a great idea to embrace it, or to try and embrace it.

    The fascist sock puppet, oh, sorry, Yoda, said “Do or do not, there is no try,” and there’s that whole misogynist rant from “The Rock” with Sean Connery banging on. They’re both wrong.

    The trying counts. The effort counts. Success doesn’t come through magic incantations and handwavium. If it comes, it is as the result of countless tries that individually don’t seem to be much, but as a whole are a great movement and heroic reorganization of one’s life.

    And failure? That’s success in another arena that one wasn’t looking for. Like one’s deity answering the “wrong” prayer, “failure” leads to experience and teaches lessons that success runs away from, whimpering about how hard it was.

    So keep trying.

    Win at trying .

    P.S. Oh wow, i have to reblog my own comment. Is that narcissistic or what?

    • It’s a great comment! And to me, the whole point of having a blog is to save snippets of time, including your own insights. 🙂

  2. As someone who isn’t winning at trying in the writing arena lately – I salute you. I know how hard it is and you do it. And since it gives me good books to read – I greatly appreciate it.

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