19 May


A Lonely Magic's darker cover

A Lonely Magic’s darker cover

A Lonely Magic's lighter cover

A Lonely Magic’s lighter cover

Looking at them side-by-side definitely makes me think that I should keep trying to tweak that background wavy-box. I don’t really have any good design tools, which makes it hard to do anything clever and creative, but I could keep trying. I’m not sure it’s a worthwhile use of my time, though! Anyway, opinions welcome, please.

Also, the current blurb:

WTF? What did she ever do to him?

When a gorgeous guy gives her an unthinkable choice – death by drug overdose or gunshot – he plunges 21-year-old Fen into a sea of trouble. Although she’s rescued in the nick of time by a teenage boy, Luke, and his sexy older brother, Kaio, escaping from her would-be killer won’t be so easy. Her brush with death is only the beginning of her wild journey.

The brothers aren’t ordinary men, and Fen’s rescue and her supposedly safe retreat have unnerving layers. How did they find her? What do they want with her? Who can she trust? And why was she targeted for murder in the first place?

As Fen and Luke are forced to run for their lives, Luke spirits Fen away, into an enchanting underwater city. But every enchantment has its dark edges. Fen must face an otherworldly plot that threatens not only her life but those of millions of human beings…and she must look deep within herself to find the strength and courage she’ll need to get out of this strange new world alive.

Submerge yourself in the latest gripping novel from Sarah Wynde, author of the Tassamara series. You won’t want to come up for air before the final enthralling page of A Lonely Magic.

I think I want a new headline, so I’m still working on that, but otherwise, for those of you who haven’t read it, does it sound interesting? And for those of you who have, does it sound right? Any suggestions for changes?

Thanks for your help!

Updated: tweaked blurb

7 thoughts on “Eenie-meenie-minie-mo

  1. Between the two, I like the darker version.
    The WTF definitely caught my eye and the synopsis got me interested and eagerly waiting for the book.

  2. Is there something in between the light wave and the dark wave? If I had to choose between those 2 I would choose the light. Overall I like it and I think it is eye-catching.
    Also, I haven’t read the whole ALM book but of what I’ve read it sounds right – and intriguing.

  3. That first sentence feels a little clunky…and it might only be cause of the narrowness of the column, reading on my iPad.

    But what if you shortened what between the dashes?
    “a bullet to the brain or enough pills to sleep forever”
    A bullet or a fatal bottle of pills

  4. The cover is a bit busy. The typography needs some work.

    I think hiring a graphic designer would be a better use of your time. Then you can spend your energy in writing!

    Yes, I am a graphic designer, but the point still stands. 🙂

    • I agree! I’ve actually hired a cover designer, but she’s not available until October, so this will be a temporary cover. The background is from a pre-made cover site, but the typography on it didn’t work well with my cover, so I’m doing the typography myself, but all I have are Microsoft tools, ie Word or Powerpoint. They’re not much good for typography.

      I know waiting until October probably sounds insane, but you wouldn’t believe the hours I’ve spent browsing cover design sites. That’s fun, but also not a great use of my time. But my experience with the designer for the Tassamara books did not go so well, so I’m willing to wait for a person that I think can get it right. Thanks for the input, though!

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