A Gift of Time on Amazon

A Gift of Time on Amazon


It’ll be free on Saturday, December 21st and Sunday, December 22nd. If you’re happy to contribute to my coffee fund, I am, of course, delighted if you buy it. (Not to mention that purchases help way more for the Amazon algorithms that let other people see it.) But if you can’t afford it, I’m totally sympathetic to that, too. Pick it up on Saturday.

And please tell your friends! (If, you know, they might like a fast-paced, quirky, romantic ghost story.)

(x-posted on The Write Push. Which *is* lazy of me, but yeah, so it goes. It’s been a long week.)

3 thoughts on “A Gift of Time on Amazon

  1. Caroline says:

    Sarah this is fantastic news, go girl! I have been loggin on all year to see when it would be finished was disappointed in April but though no – its her work don’t be grumpy you can’t read it – stayed away from fiction press. I have no time…..to ponder stuff outside work/OU study/grandchild ect but now I have a read from you for the holiday..Thank You …….one thing I was worried about further down your blog someone mentions a trilogy…..surely not? The world deserves a longer run !!
    Congratulations on finishing what you say has been a hard story to write must be very satisfying and empowering. The world and characters you have created are very real entertaining and well worth reading here’s to you and long may you continue.
    Thank you Caroline H :)

  2. sarahwynde says:

    Thank you so much! I hope you like it. As for the trilogy, that wasn’t me saying that. I’d feel sort of mean if I didn’t give Grace a nice happy-ever-after like her siblings. I think I’m working on the Belize story next, though, with possibly something completely different after that and before I get back to Grace. But I will definitely be writing about Grace someday!

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